I love how I feel the first day of the New Year, especially since I quit drinking alcohol and not making it to midnight. I can feel this way anytime of the year but for me it's like a do over, a chance to try again. What I may or may not of started last year that I wanted too, I can start now. It is a chance to remember and set intentions for next year. A ending of that and a beginning of this, it is a opportunity for all of us and I like to take advantage of it. This year I feel extra excited for the process for some reason and going with the momentum.

I'm moving into 2019. I can feel it just getting better around here. What does all of this mean in the bigger picture of a NEW YEAR and why set these intentions? Honestly I don't care, I'm just going with it and suggest you do the same.

So here is to 2019 and remembering what it is I already know and want more of in my life and moving towards that with Grace and Ease.

I broke it down with 3 core Values in mind: Stability, Health, and Love

Intentions for 2019 

1. I will have more stability and calm in my life.

2. I will make choices out of LOVE, not fear.

3. Every decision for our family will keep Health and Wellness as a priority to whatever we do.

Happy New Year!!!

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