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    Are you exhausted?

    • Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
    • Do you feel like you can't catch up ever?
    • Do you fight daily with your kids to eat anything remotely healthy?
    • Do you feel rundown by all your family responsibilities?

  • Ways to Work With Sarah

    Certified Health Coach

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    The 30 day Reboot Momma

    Learn how to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, so you have the energy and joy to show up fully in your life.


    30 Day Reboot Includes:
    -45 minute coaching session once a week for 4 weeks
    -unlimited text and e-mail during the month
    -a step by step plan to wellness for you
    -resources and recommendations along the way
    $1000 or 3 payments of $350

    Family Consult

    Support for the whole family

    Together we will map and talk about everyone that is involved in what isn't working in the house. Let's get it out on the table, sort it, and create a plan to move forward in improving the physical and mental health of the household.
    (includes 1 video call, unlimited texts, e-mail for 2 weeks with 48 hour turn around, and a written plan of action. If you sign-up for coaching within the 2 weeks the cost will go towards it.)

    Kid Consult

    Support for your child with special needs or illness

    Have your recently tried a diet, supplement, or behavioral technique and have questions and/or concerns about it? Did your doctor or special education teacher tell you to do something new and you have no idea how or where to start, and if you even agree? In this 90 minute consult we will problem solve and come up with a plan of action or next steps to supporting you through the sometimes overwhelming world of having a child with disabilities or illness. 

    (includes 1 90 minute video or phone call and email unlimited for 2 weeks with 48 hour turn around. If you sign up for coaching within the 2 weeks the cost will go towards it.)

    Cannabis Consult

    Need help navigating how to take your cannabis?

    CBD is everywhere now and it can be pretty confusing what and how you should take it. I can walk you through the process and support you in what makes sense for you and your health needs. I also coach on how to use medical marijuana.



    *20 minute consult or send me a email with your story and I will reply for FREE

    *45 minute video or phone consult-$75

    *text or email unlimited for a week $50 (reply withiin 24 hours)


    **If our conversations lead to coaching, cost can go towards that.

  • "Connection is why we're here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives." ~Brene Brown

    Free 30 minute Discovery Session!

  • About Sarah

    Sarah DeVore

    Passionate about Health

    6 years ago I was teaching full time, pregnant with my third child and exhausted all the time. Despite how bad I felt, I was unconscious to the fact I was really sick and on the verge of chronic illness. Soon after the birth of my youngest I woke up and couldn't walk very well, couldn't bend my fingers and struggled to stay awake during the day to care for my newborn. 2 months later I was diagnosed with progressive rheumatoid arthritis. And so began my journey and discovery of how diet and lifestyle choices can support healing.

    In addition, during that time my son was diagnosed with autism and having major behavioral challenges, he had multiple parasites and SIBO. My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac and having blood sugar issues. The puzzle of our health connection as a family came together in my mind. The journey is never over, and I continue to learn and grow but I realized I had to share what I have learned with others.

    Last year I quit teaching and Momma Bears Health & Wellness was born.


    Let's talk about how I can help guide you and your family on a journey to health and well being. You and your family can feel better!

    Sarah DeVore education and credentials, www.mamabearswellness.com

    Education and Credentials

    • Bachelor Degree in Family Human Services,  University of Oregon
    • Masters Degree in Education,  University of Oregon
    • 15 years experience in Special Education and Behavior Management
    • Certified Health Coach from the Health Coach Institute
  • Contact Sarah

    Let's start our journey together!

    Williams, Oregon, USA
    By Appointment only
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